The Forbidden Machine

“YAY! You’re finally here. I have been waiting for you forever” Said Ashley as she opened the door. “I know, Sorry I got caught up with my homework” responded Robert. Ashley and Robert had plans to meet at 3:00 P.M. to sneak into Ashley’s fathers office where all of his fancy inventions were stored. “Okay, […]

4 mins read

The Dangerous Phone

BOOM! AHH! MY PHONE! 3 hours before this scary moment Penelope Gibbs was sitting at the Gibbs daily dinner table texting on her cell phone. “PENELOPE!!” yelled her mother for the 6th time. “Huh what,” said a startled Penelope. Put your phone away this instant or I will call my alien friends and have that […]

5 mins read

Jibi and the Bear

Once upon a time in a land very close to Canada, there was a man named Jibi who was standing at the peak of the tallest mountain in Canada, Mount Robson, and was planning on going down the double black diamond trail. When a sudden ping on his phone notified him that someone had just […]

1 min read

The mad scientist

One upon a time in Greenland their was an evil scientist named Professor Black. Black was nice on the outside but wicked in the inside. He would always be kind to everyone and everyone thought he was the best guy in the world. But when he was alone he turns into his real self thinking […]

2 mins read

Invincible boy

Boom! Jishal fell backwards from the noise. This was happening in Berlin Germany, at 2 O’clock in the morning. Jishal was standing at his window because the  rain was to noisy when lightning struck him. Literally 20 ft from his window.   It was the scariest thing that happened to him.  But finally after 3 days […]

3 mins read

The life of a mother cheetah

The mother cheetah was pacing back and forth back and forth in the Sahara dessert in Africa, watching out for predators that could be a threat to her little cubs or prey that she could eat for dinner. As she was watching she saw a stray wildebeest without protection. She watched it’s movement and realized […]

1 min read