Ferocious Predator vs. Cute Penguins

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Ah! Boom!  Crash! A penguin named Bob was running for his life from sq-wacks the evil polar bear. Sq-wacks had white fur the color of ice caps and claws as long as knives, teeth identical to daggers but the scariest part was his blood red red eyes.

After  three min of waddling Bob saw a little hole that he could probably squeeze through and one that sq-wacks definitely not be able to get through. So after 30 long seconds bob jumped 3 ft in the air flapping his wings getting ready to dive, but this dive never came because he was FLYING!

Image result for penguin flying gif This moment was truly amazing Bob was zipping through the air up, down, side to side. Than soon he was flying over his colony, and when the penguins looked up. Boy were they surprised, penguins flying! That was supposed to be impossible, some younger penguins looked up jealously, adults were just blankly staring and baby’s were thinking who cares about the UFO, give me good. After a good five minutes he landed head first into the snow. After he explained

that you have to run, jump, and than flap you wings a lot and than you just stick out you wings and enjoy the fresh breeze in you eyes and the sensation of being in the air. But little did Bob know that there are dangerous creatures in the air. After two fun days after bob had learned how to fly. NO penguin didn’t know how to fly. All penguins were swooping in the sky when a Snow owl who loved  eating penguins. bu couldn’t catch them cam out of his burrow.

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After he came out he laughed to himself all flying animals know to stay off my land. I guess these crazy yummy birds don’t know, so it’s times to teach them a lesson. Then 1/2 a second later, he jumped of his ledge with a long sccwaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkk!  and attacked the birds. Bob yelled “hide!” but then little Joey said Sc-wacks is waiting for us on the ice. “Darn!” Bob responded. Then Bob’s mom said, Why don’t we go in the water? Good idea mom, Bob said. But then Bob jr. exclaimed! what about the seals? Now  we are screwed, Bob said. No we are not, uncle Joe said. Lets use penguin power to beat the stinking bird. Who’s in? yelled grandpa. We are in, yelled the penguins.  Then lets do it!

First they formed  circle with the owls inside and then they joined hands. After that  they used their clucks to call their spider friends. when the spiders arrived the penguins told them to shoot webs to trap the bird. Once trapped the birds sang the PENGUIN ANTHEM

“We are the penguins and we are proud to say we are the Kings and Queens of the ice and will dominate today!”

After they finished singing the penguin they put the wrapped owl in his burrow then untied him from the spider webs. Then they worked out that none of them would attack them ever!


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