The Forbidden Machine

“YAY! You’re finally here. I have been waiting for you forever” Said Ashley as she opened the door.

“I know, Sorry I got caught up with my homework” responded Robert.

Ashley and Robert had plans to meet at 3:00 P.M. to sneak into Ashley’s fathers office where all of his fancy inventions were stored.

“Okay, so we have 2 hours before he comes back from his science conventions so let’s go” whispered Ashley.

“Why are you whispering?” replied Robert. “Is anyone home?”

“No, it just feels more like a secret mission if we whisper” whispered Ashley

“Oh” said Robert

“WHISPER” Ashley whispered yelled.

“Sorry” replied Robert.

Soon after the both ran down the hall to get to Ashley’s Dad’s study. After they got there, they realized that they needed a key.

“OH! NO!” yelled Ashley and Robert simultaneously.  

“Do we give up now?” asked Robert

“Of course not!” Yelled Ashley. “ We will see what is in there!”

So they worked on a plan to break down the door. After 10 minutes they were deciding between axing the door down and picking the lock, and when they realized that neither of them could pick a lock they decided on the ax.

“Are you sure it is a good idea to ax down your dad’s door?” asked Robert “what happens if there is something behind it?”

“It’s fine” replied Ashley

“If you say so” replied Robert

So they worked for 15 minutes hacking at the lock, until Ashley decided she had enough and she chopped through the door. So after 2 minutes all that was left of the door was a bunch of splintered wood. But little did they know that one of the pieces turned on one of the machines. After 5 minutes the machine that turned on started making noises.

“Do you hear that Ashley?” asked Robert

“Ya” said Ashley doubtly.

“Oh I see what’s on” exclaimed Robert.

“What is it?” asked Ashley

“This one” said Robert pointing to a fire truck red contraption that has danger plastered all over it and is 6 ft tall.

“Uhoh” said Ashley worriedly “that does not look safe”

“YA THINK” yelled Robert “I TOLD YOU THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!!!!!”

“Sorry, but we can fix this,” said Ashley.

So Ashley went to the machine and started looking around for an off button. So she checked underneath it on top of it and on the right and left. But when she went to the front the machine made a noise and zapped her. At first nothing happened and then suddenly her body started stretching and then split into two.

“AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” They both exclaimed together.

After 1 minute the two of her split into another 2 and this happened 2 more times. Then she started shrinking until all her doppelgangers were 2 inches tall. So she started running around trying to get her bearings when she started flying! 

“HELP!!!” “HELPPPP!!!!” Ashley repeatedly exclaimed. 

At that moment her Dad arrived home and when he went upstairs and found the broken door he was FURIOUS. But then he got worried when he saw the most dangerous machine on and Robert standing alone far away from it.


“Which one there are 20 of them,” Robert joked.

“IS THIS FUNNY TO YOU” yelled Bill

“Help!” “PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!” yelled Ashley

At that moment Bill jumped into action. He fiddled with the wires and aimed at the main ashley and fired. But all that did was shoot a bunch of dandelions out so that there were mini dandelion umbrellas on top of all the Ashleys.

“Sorry Honey one more try” said Bill desperately

After fiddling with the wires and changing the firing mechanism Ashley merged into one and grew to her normal size.

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