How To Download Python(Getting Started)

Getting started with python is simple and easy; there is only a few steps in order to get you started on your coding journey. To download python you will need to go to and click on the latest version of python which should be on the front page. Once you have python downloaded you have a few different places where you can start coding.

You can code in places like Virtual Studio, Pycharm, IDLE, and Sublime Text. Though I suggest using Pycharm when you are starting off because it is easy to navigate through Sublime Text is good as well. Links to download these programs are down below.

I prefer Pycharm over the other programs because for one it is an intelligent code editor meaning that it picks up your errors and alerts you and gives great recommendations while you are coding. It also has a great color scheme making you coding look professional and readable. With one click you are able to view pythons entire source code and it has an array of plugins.

9 reasons you should be using PyCharm – Michael Kennedy on Technology

Virtual Studio – Pycharm – Sublime Text – IDLE – Once python is download, IDLE will be download along with it.

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