The First Line Of Code

Once you have you have python downloaded it’s time to write your first line. (If you don’t have python refer to the previous article.) First, we have to open python, I am using Pycharm but if you are using a different software that will work just fine. Once you open up PyCharm you will have […]

2 mins read

Taking User Input

Taking user input is fun and easy while also very cool. When you take user’s input all you have to do is ask them a question, and you can do anything with that information. For example, if you ask for their name you can say hello __! In Pycharm or whatever coding software you are […]

1 min read

If Statements

If statements are great when taking user input because you can answer different responses to your question. If statements are kind of difficult because of the indentations and small formatting issues, but if you are using Pycharm that is taken care of for you. The first thing you have to do is open your previous […]

1 min read

Number Guessing Game

Creating a number guessing game is a great first game to create because it is fun to play and not too difficult to create. So let’s get started. The first thing we have to do is import random so that the number that the user has to guess changes every time the code runs. Now […]

1 min read