The Dancing Crab On Scratch

Creating a dancing crab is fun and easy to do while still looking very cool. I am going to teach you the few techniques you are going to need on the way but the design is all up to you. Let’s Get Started!

The first thing we are going to have to do is open up scratch and create a new project. Afterward, we are going to delete the cat sprite because we will not be needing that.

Now press click choose a sprite and then search crab and click on it.

Now we are going to change the background by clicking the choose background option.

Now we are going to type in the ocean and click on the option Underwater 1.

Next, we are going to the costumes tabs to make it look like the crab is dancing. We are going to duplicate crab-a 3 times for different moves the crab will make; to do this right-click on crab a and click duplicate.

For crab-a2 we are going to move the bottom two legs a little bit with the rotation tool so that there aren’t too large changes.

After you create the costumes it is time to start the coding. First, we have to drag the block when the flag is clicked to the workspace.

Now we are going to add a forever loop because we want our crab to dance forever. Then we are going to put the next costume block inside the forever loop because we want the crab to move.

But this makes the crab move way too fast so we are going to put a wait block so that the crab doesn’t move too fast. I found that wait 0.15 seconds is the best movement speed.

This looks great already but not we are going to find a way to make it move around on the backdrop, by putting the move 5 steps and then -5 steps with a 0.1-second wait in the middle.

Now that it is moving left to right we are going to move the crab up and down by putting the change y by 5 blocks and then change y by -5 block with a wait 0.1-second block in the middle as well.

The final touch is that we are going to set the size to 150% because it can fill the space a little more.

We are done Congrats you finished your dancing crab.

This is the scratch project link:

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