Starting With Scratch

Scratch is an online block coding software that is easy to learn and extremely fun to use. To start with scratch first create click create an account in Once you have created an account and verified your email click create a new project. Now it’s time to start coding.

First, we have to understand the different options in your workplace, there are sprites which are the characters in your game, there are motion blocks, event blocks, and much more, that we will go over.

The first thing we want to do is make Sprite 1 move, to do this we are going to need to go to the events tab and drag the When green flagged clicked into your workspace. This will make it so that when we start the code the blocks we add will start to go into action.

Now we are going to the motion blocks and drag out move ten steps under the when flag clicked block.

Then we are going to click the green flag, to run the code and move the sprite moving 10 steps.

Congrats! you made the sprite move. To see my project on Scratch click on this link:

Next, we are going to add a background and make it look like the cat is really walking.

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