Taking User Input

Taking user input is fun and easy while also very cool. When you take user’s input all you have to do is ask them a question, and you can do anything with that information. For example, if you ask for their name you can say hello __!

  • In Pycharm or whatever coding software you are using you have to first type in ‘input’ so that the computer understands that you are taking input.
  • Next, you have to put parentheses afterwards and double quotations inside the parentheses
  • Afterward, you have to put the question you would like in the quotations. For example, What is your name
  • Then in front of the word input, you have to set it equal to name. You have to do this so that you can store the user name in the variable name
  • In the next line, you’ll have to print their name so type print
  • Next, put parentheses afterward and a quotation inside in the parentheses
  • you have to put your words for example: your name is. Then outside of the quotations just type in the variable name which we saved in the line before
  • That’s it! now run the code
  • And answer the question


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