The Rogue Drones (Some Aliens)


300 Years Earlier:

“Mom can I please have a drone, I really want a drone, I need a drone!” Billy droned on and on. “Fine, you can have a drone,” Billy’s mom said, “but only because you have been patient for the past 4 months.” “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU”, screamed Billy. “Let’s Go NOW!!!” “Oh I have work to do this week maybe we will go on Sunday It is only 6 days from now, how does that sound?” “NO NO NO NO NO NO THAT SOUNDS LIKE A TERRIBLE IDEA!!!” “Oh, Billy I am just joking we can go in 10 minutes go get ready.” So Billy rushes to go get dressed and were his shoes. Little did they know that this would be the worst things they could have ever done.

At the toy shop they were going to the drones were conspiring together in there little boxes thinking about there meeting point high in the sky once they are bought open and set up. And right after they decided that they are going to meet at 100 ft in the air right above at then the drone that Billy wanted got picked right off the shelf and rushed to the cashier.

“Wow Billy. do you really want that one, it is quite expensive $100.” Said Billys Mother. “ABSOLUTLY” exclaimed Billy. “Okay?” And so they bought the drone and drove it home. And right when they arrived home they put the drone on the table and started to assemble. And once it was all assembled and the battery was fully charged they took it outside. But right when they put it on the ground the drone lifted off by itself even though they hadn’t even touched the remote. And then it started zooming towards Billy and they stopped in right in front of his screaming face. And oddly enough this exact feat was happing all over San Francisco. And exactly at the same time they all lifted 100 feet into the air as if controlled by one single controller. Then suddenly laser started shooting out of the drone in all directions. Cutting everything. The point of this was to scare every one away so they wouldn’t follow the drones. But one person, Billy’s mother was determined to find out what was going on.

She hopped into her car and gunned the engine and right when the drones started moving she was off. It was a very strange feat to anyone who was just watching from the ground. A 50 year old lady with her head out of the window driving at 200 miles per hour looking straight in the sky, while driving through bushes, fences, and some buildings. Good thing for Billy’s mother that the cops were dealing with the lasers.

And after 30 minutes of maniac driving and flying all drones and Billy’s mother screeched to a halt. The drones stopped to avoid flying into a 40-mile long spaceship, and Billy’s mom in awe. WOW, billy’s mom exclaimed when she looked up at the spaceship, but when the green large-headed aliens jumped out of the spaceship and started flying she couldn’t utter a sound. But when she saw the space alien giant buzzoca pointed at the whole of San Francisco she jumped out of the car and yelled HEY YOU, YEAH YOU THE UGLY ONE. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!!

Nothing personal mam just working on destroying the earth and whatnot. YOU CAN’T DO THAT THERE are MORE THAT 7 BILLION PEOPLE HERE, 20,000,121,091,000,000,000, OR 20 BILLION BILLION OR 20 QUINTILLION ANIMALS. Really there that many things on this polluted planet. YEAH, AND WE ARE WORKING ON UN POLLUTING THE PLANET RIGHT NOW!! AND IT WOULD BE HELPFUL IF YOU WOULD NOT BLOW UP THE PLANET YOU KNOW. Oh, Okay I guess we could come back in 300 years and check if you fixed this planet. THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY!!! Bye Oh, and by the way, we have great ears you don’t have to yell. WHAT WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME THAT I WON’T BE ABLE TO TALK FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS. GET OUT OF HERE YOU EVIL BALD THINGS. BYE, BYE BYE. So long earth being

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