The Dangerous Phone

BOOM! AHH! MY PHONE! 3 hours before this scary moment Penelope Gibbs was sitting at the Gibbs daily dinner table texting on her cell phone. “PENELOPE!!” yelled her mother for the 6th time. “Huh what,” said a startled Penelope. Put your phone away this instant or I will call my alien friends and have that phone put in a bottle and thrown off the San Francisco Harbor. “Ha Ha Lol Tots Funny Mom,” said  Penelope while continuing to text.

“That’s it, young lady I’m shutting off the wifi”. “Wifi connection removed shutting down,” said the phone before shutting off. “ AH MOM!!  I was writing a vital message” “It can wait, now eat your dinner,” how come Billy gets to use his phone still, he is my little brother by 5 YEARS he’s ONLY 7 it’s not fair”. “Because he uses it responsibly and he is done with his homework,” explained Penelope’s mother. “AS IF THAT LITTLE BABY EVEN HAS HOMEWORK I AM GOING TO MY ROOM.” yelled Penelope. “Sheesh, how can you even yell that long without passing out” laughed billy.

After Penelope went into her room she used her emergency walkie-talkie to contact her friend and told her about her crisis, No WIFI.  And after discussing what to do for a little while, ruling out apologies, going outside and talking to friends, they decided that her friends will steal her father’s phone turn on a mobile hotspot, and place it in the bushes in front of Penelope’s house so that she could use his wifi. So their plan worked perfectly, but after a few hours at 9:00 at night, Penelope’s friend’s father started looking for his phone. And when he couldn’t find it anywhere he used his wife’s phone to track his phone. And it led him right in from of Penelope’s door right when Penelope’s mother was leaving the house for her walk. Then she asked Penelope’s friend’s father “ what brings you here” So he explained that his phone’s tracker is leading him here. So they look for his phone and they find it right in the bush underneath Penelope’s window, and when they look up, they see illuminated flashing lights.

“PENELOPE COME DOWN THIS INSTANT AND EXPLAIN WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.” So Penelope rushes downstairs thinking that UHOH something happened to her mother. But when she arrives she sees her friend’s father and her mother and puts two and two together and tries running. But suddenly out of nowhere, she sees a blinding light flash in front of her, and then BOOM! AHH! MY PHONE! And her phone has disappeared, “ah what happened”. “I explained to you at the dinner table that if you have any more issues with your phone I will make my alien friends take your phone and put it in a bottle and throw it into the harbor.” “Ah Mom I thought you were joking” “SURPRISE!!, and what do you teenagers say, lol.”

“Which dock is it” “oh I don’t know” “Come on please tell me” “ Only if you were a hat when you go running after it” “OKAY!!!” “It will leave the farthest dock in the harbor and will leave at 9:58.” At 9:00 in the morning, Penelope wakes up and gets ready, and leaves the house at 9:50 sprinting. At 9:58 she runs along the dock and sees her phone in the glass bottle and slides on the dock. Only barely missing it. And then decides okay I am going to jump in and when she tries to jump in she freezes in mid-air.

And then out of nowhere her mom comes walking down the wharf. “Ahh isn’t this peacefully the wind flowing through my air the nice cool breeze,” says Penelope’s mother. MOM Penelope is thinking but just can say. And then her mom looks up. Oh hi, Penelope how is the view. “GLIBILGORB,” says Penelope’s mother, now you should be able to speak. “Thank You,” Says Penelope. “Now What is going on here” “ I did this to prove to you that you are capable of many things you always say that you can’t be on time, but look at you when your phone is concerned right on time. You say that you always get headaches when you wake up but you seemed fresh in the morning.” “Your point is” says Penelope. “You are capable of many things, now I am going to give you your phone back but you have to use it responsibly or I will freeze you in this position for 24 hours. And you now know that I don’t joke. “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU” yells an overjoyed Penelope. “alroosighidhsoj – bring – alroosighidhsoj – back – alroosighidhsoj – normal” chants Penelopes mother 3 times and then boom Penelope is back home with her phone.

And from this day onwards Penelope was a well-mannered child and was always kind, considerate, and used her phone wisely. And her mother was taken to 1,000’s of talk shows where everyone was pestering her and asking her how did she turn the worst and most spoiled kid in all of California into the most well-mannered kid of California in 24 hours.

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