The Dragon And The Determined Sister!

BOO! Ahh! “What is wrong with you Billy you scared the brain right out of my ear” Yelled Jill.

“Sorry, it’s just that it is Halloween and I thought that you were the Ghost of the dark scary mountain.”

That’s find Billy but you will half to face your fears because Cousin John is coming and we are going into the dark side of the mountain, remember? “Of Course I remember silly” whispered Billy.

“Well little broham you are going have to come because mother asked me to look out for you.”

“Ok Fine I’ll come.”

So of they went with their Cousin John up the dark side of the mountain. But little did they know that they would soon find something beyond their wildest dreams. As they were pulling themselves up the steep edge before the cliff a faint rumbling sound came from deep inside the cave, and when this noise emerged Jill fell down the cliff only to notice that as they were climbing the rocks below them were following, because she only fell 2 short feet, instead of the 100 feet they had climbed. It was quite peculiar so she decided to tell her brother and cousin when she realized that THEY HAD DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY! At this point in time, she decided she would scale down the mountain and call the police and fire department to try and find her family members when she realized that she had no place to go the ground had moved up with her, so she walked the 30 feet when she reached the end of the moving ground. And when she looked down all she saw was a dark abyss below her. When she saw this she jumped back and ran into a short dwarf-looking man, and being the polite child she was she shook the man’s hand and asked how do you do, but in return for her friendly greeting, all she got was a slap in the face. OUCH! She yelled what was that for. Then she looked the man in her eye and realized that it was her cousin she was looking at. She was so relieved that she almost started crying but then got scared again, and started rapidly asking questions, Where is my brother? Why aren’t you speaking? Why are you so short? Why are you staring at me like I am the weird one? But then the strangest thing happens her cousin lifted his arm cast a spell on her and everything that had happened to her cousin appeared in her mind. Like how he got kidnapped by the fire breathing dragon, and how the fire breathing dragon said since John was on his side of the mountain he would cast a spell on him and he wouldn’t be able to speak unless he could figure out a way to stop him from eating Billy. And John tried his best to stop the dragon from eating Billy but in the end, Billy was dragon food. Once Jill got over the shock of all of this she stood up with a determined look in her eyes and stormed off right into the Dragon’s Lair. Once she got to the lair she grabbed one of the many swords that were laying around(Those were actually the dragon’s teeth that he pulled out) and stormed right up to the dragon and SAWED HIS STOMACH OPEN! The Dragon was enraged as you could imagine. He started yelling and breathing fire trying to roast Jill. But she was determined she kept on dodging and sawing. And finally, she cut the stomach open and pulled Billy right out of there. And then ran for her life. But when they got to the ground that moved she remembered that she couldn’t go down. So she walked right back into the dragon’s lair and demanded that if she stitched his stomach back together he was to fly them down. So in the agony the dragon was in he agreed. And once they flew down they went right on trick or treating trying to forget the horrible thing that just happened.

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