What I Think About Covid19

I think that because of the Corona-virus there are good and bad things that have occurred in order to try to keep everything as normal as possible. In the first stage of Corona-virus I feel that America as a society and Country could have done better things to try and keep the citizens safe. I have this opinion because as citizens I felt that we tried to ignore the fact that when the Covid19 “attacked” China there were 1,000’s of death’s and it is a contagious virus, and we tried to keep everything moving even though it was already spreading. And even when it reached the continent of America ad started spreading through the states we still acted like it was nothing major and there were no school and office shut downs till the cases had become severe and we had 1,000’s of deaths. And then only then did we as America decided mentally that this is nothing to take lightly and at that point we took safety persuasions and started quarantining but by then it was to late. Then after 3 months when we started taking control and we made it a law that you have to wear masks and we started doing drive in groceries, we as a community started to relax and make the same mistakes that we had made in the beginning. We started going out, we ignored the fact that it is a contagious virus, we start to have parties, go to beaches, other’s houses and take long strolls without masks. And then the cases start to go up and then we act like we did nothing wrong.

So my overall feeling of Corona-virus and what we did to try and protect our self, is that we did an awful job and we could have been a lot more prepared and taken a lot more precautions and the cases would have been a lot lower.

But everything about Corona-Virus is not extremely bad. Some good things that have happen because of the Corona is that we started to become more connected with family. Before everyone was rushing around to one place or another and not phoning or face timing there family, but know that we are stuck at home we are taking to our families almost everyday with Zoom, or anything else. Another thing that Corona-Virus has helped with is respect. This is because we used to ignore all of the social worker’s and all the hard work they put into there work. We use to ignore the post-man, the nurses and the doctors. But know because of the Corona-Virus we understand and respect all the handwork they put in everyday just to help us.

So overall Coronavirus had it’s bad and good. But if we all work together wear out masks and make sure we stay safe we will hopefully get through this.

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