The Amazing Plane

Have you ever wondered what the best type of plane is. Well I did and I will tell you what it is.

First it would have recliner seats with padding and lots of space. That would be necessary because it would help you sleep and also the padding would be good for you because you wouldn’t have aching body parts when you come out of the plane and the space would be nice because then you can breathe and not look at both sides and see people staring at random things.

Another things that would be good on a flight are big screen T.V.’s because then you can be relaxed when you sit on  a long flight, and it wouldn’t hurt your eyes trying to looks at a tiny screen.

Also it would be good if there was remotes that would come to your hands when you wanted it and then it would read your mind and put what you want on the T.V..

Also it would be nice if their was virtual reality in the plane because then you can have fun and be relaxed when you come out of the plane because you virtually were in the place that you wanted to be especially if you are going on a business trip and you are about to do many hours of work.

Lastly, my idea of the best plane in the world is that it gets you all the food you want from the best place that it could come from. Say you wanted a croissant, the plane would have a suction thing come out from the bottom of the plane and then a croissant from the world class french chef would come to the plane into your hand.

This is my idea of the worlds best plane. Image result for coolest virtual plane

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