Why on Halloween people should give better candy

You know the week after Halloween, you are craving candy so you go to your candy basket and look for some good candy. Then you look inside and all you see is lollipops and all the overrated candies. Well, that’s exactly how I felt 10 min ago.

The first reason I believe there should be better candy is because a quote from Dr. Becky Maes says “Lollipops are mostly sugar. Sugar isn’t much good for you. It feeds bacteria which rot your teeth. It spikes your blood sugar, which over time can increase your risk of metabolic disorder, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Some sugars are broken down in the liver, where they’re stored as fat – some of which contributes to the clogging of your arteries.” And everyone knows lollipops are candy that adults give you on Halloween because they don’t want to spend $1 extra on some good candy. Like yummy dark chocolate with caramel insideImage result for dark chocolate with caramel inside.  YUM.

And another up about the delicious dark chocolate is that “dark chocolate really does do some great things for your health. Because it’s an antioxidant—meaning it helps fight bad molecules also dark chocolate helps prevent heart diseases lifts your mood, and can even protect your skin against harmful UV rays.” Says a quote from Damon Beres.

This is why I believe that there should be better candy’s on Halloween. Also you get healthy body and yummy sweet. Image result for ghirardelli dark chocolate delicious caramelCan’t resist eating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I ended up eating my mom’s skittles.

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