The mad scientist

One upon a time in Greenland their was an evil scientist named Professor Black. Black was nice on the outside but wicked in the inside. He would always be kind to everyone and everyone thought he was the best guy in the world. But when he was alone he turns into his real self thinking of evil plots to break into house and take what he needs to make evil potions.

One day, Black was looking around a house that had a $16,987.76 blue Nile gemstone that would be great for his newest creation invisible cream. Which would help his go into houses and what the blue Nile would let him go through solid things. So two nights later he was climbing up the side wall when BEEP BEEP BEEP SECURITY BREACH ON LEFT SIDE PERIMETER!!!!! Black got so nervous oh my god I am caught what am I going to do. He looked around and their he saw a bald eagles nest. He gathered his nerve for a few seconds then he jumped and landed in the nest but a few seconds before he landed heĀ  realized their was a bald eagle inside the nest. He waved his hands wildly but he couldn’t stop he fell with a thud inside the nest. Three seconds later the bald eagle went crazy yelping cawing and screeching. Black got so creeped out that he didn’t notice that he was falling until he was a yard above the ground. When he realized he yelped in horror then stuck out his hands out and rolled to a stop on the ground. Then he ran for his life. He didn’t even know his legs just shot out he got up and his legs were chugging along going from 0 to 80 in 2 seconds faster then a cheetah. He just kept on running, running and running. Until he reached his office where he ran inside locked the doors closed the windows and burnt all of his materials. Then he locked himself in a room with all the food he would need to survive. And stayed there for the rest of his life.


The End

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