Invincible boy

Boom! Jishal fell backwards from the noise. This was happening in Berlin Germany, at 2 O’clock in the morning. Jishal was standing at his window because the  rain was to noisy when lightning struck him. Literally 20 ft from his window.   It was the scariest thing that happened to him.  But finally after 3 days of non stop lightning and rain it stopped and the rainbow came out.

After lightening stuck him, he was surprisingly fine. So he went downstairs he looked at himself in a mirror but than he realized he looked stronger than usual. Then he decided to test out his new found muscles. So he ran straight into a wall but instead of him screaming in pain he just destroyed the wall. He was dumbstruck. He asked himself, “how is that possible.” So then he decided it’s impossible. But he told him self, “I will run into a bulldozers sharp edges, and if I come out UN harmed then I am indestructible.” So he went on to the streets and ran towards the bulldozer. Many people tried to stop him by staying”you will get hurt” or “don’t do it” but he ran straight for it. And every step closer he began to regret this idea but he kept on going and soon he was one step away. And then he drove his body in to the hard into the spikes. Then he checked his body for blood, But there was not one single drop of blood. So he looked at the bulldozer and there he saw it bent and broken spikes. He was officially invincible. So he jumped into shark pits. Came out unscratched. Wrestled with elephants. When the elephants tried stepping on him they ended up flying backwards because Jishal wasn’t going to bend.


After five days of Jishal doing the most craziest things, with his invincibility he decided to go home. So he walked home and went to his room. The next morning he looked outside of his window and there was another thunder storm. Jishal was struck odd. He told him self,” when I was gone for five days there was perfect weather, but when I go to my room and wake up the next morning there is another thunder storm. And again this thunder storm lasted  three days. And when he came downstairs he looked at him self in the same mirror but there he realized that he had lost his muscles. And when he tried to run into a wall it wouldn’t budge. Jishal thought over this for many days then it struck him every time there is lightning and I am standing at my window I become invincible and the next time I lose my invincibility. And sure enough every time their is a thunder storm Invincible Man comes out!


The end

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