Jibi and the Bear

Once upon a time in a land very close to Canada, there was a man named Jibi who was standing at the peak of the tallest mountain in Canada, Mount Robson, and was planning on going down the double black diamond trail. When a sudden ping on his phone notified him that someone had just broken 36 bones on this same mountain. And at that moment he turned around and walked straight into a bear! At first, Jibi was in mental shock and his whole brain practically shut down in fright so he just kept on walking. But then the bear growled and Jibi turned around and headed down the steep mountain with the bear nipping at his heels. But there is something you should know about Jibi he is a very good skier and so he was avoiding trees and at the same time trying to force the bear into a tree. And finally, after 3 full minutes of top speed skiing he looked back and the bear was gone, and so Jibi slowed down and was now only moving at half the speed. But then out of the blue, the bear jumped out of a tree and right in front of Jibi. And with nothing else to do he jumped of a tree did a backflip over the bear and kept on skiing. But then once he reached the halfway mark of the mountain he realized that the bear was catching up to him and so what he did was he jumped up and in midair kicked of his ski’s, landed on the bears back and started feeding the bear parts of his granola bar and by the time they reached the mountain they each had a new best friend.

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