The girl who turned into a chicken

One fine day in San Ramon there was a little girl who was running around in the house.Image result for girl running in circle gif She was doing this oddly strange thing because she had SO MUCH HOMEWORK! So after running around so much she decided that she would take a nap but when she was taking a nap the homework fairy(the homework fairy tries to get you out of homework not the other way around) popped in her dream and told her if you run around in circles for 10 minutes you wouldn’t have to do your homework. so she got up and ran around in circles and on the 10 minute after she was extremely dizzy she stopped and sat on the couch but when she put her legs up she realized that there were a tad bit smaller than usual, but she ignored it, and got up to go get some popcorn. But when she reached the pantry she realized that she was 3 feet shorter, and when she looked down, she saw that she had CHICKEN FEET! And when she saw this crazy thing she passed out. But when she woke up she came back to her senses she had turn into a full sized chicken.  This was so hilarious; she started running in circles like crazy to hopefully undo the effect. But nothing worked and all she could do is listen to her clucking and the homework fairy chanting no homework. And when the girls parents came home from work they were freaked out that there daughter was gone and there is a crazy chicken wearing shoes running around there house making crazy noises. But after 10 min of a chicken trying to cluck I am your daughter the parents realized that there daughter had turned into a chicken so they called the hospital, the police and the fire department. And the first thing they did when they saw the chicken was start laughing but when they realized that there parents were serious there was such a mix of emotion inside all of them that they just stood there and didn’t move. But thankfully there daughter started turning back to human form after an hour. THE END!Image result for crazy chicken gif

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