The life of a mother cheetah

The mother cheetah was pacing back and forth back and forth in the Sahara dessert in Africa, watching out for predators that could be a threat to her little cubs or prey that she could eat for dinner. As she was watching she saw a stray wildebeest without protection. She watched it’s movement and realized it had a broken leg so she took advantage of this moment and she sped right to it going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds. 4 seconds later she had suffocated the pray and took it to her little baby cubs.¬†Image result for cheetah chasing a wildebeest

after she had fed her baby cubs she put them to sleep. But she wouldn’t be doing any sleeping tonight because she had to watch out for wolves who came out to ear baby animals from careless mothers¬† who had fallen asleep. As morning came she started again her daily schedule.

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